About US

J. S. Mushrooms

Is a proprietor concern owned by Mrs. Kumudini Ingle. J. S. Mushrooms is a R & D based concern working in the field of Malnutrition and other health related products. With much efforts ingle madam could develop “Powerful Nutritional Supplement” for Eradication of Malnutrition. She had successfully developed Nutritional Supplement in Powder form for the Kids, Girls, Women & All Ages.

Espee Coatings Pvt. Ltd.

Espee coatings Pvt. Ltd is a R & D based Pvt. Ltd Company with Mr. Pradip Prabhakar Vaidya at the helm of the Company as Managing Director Espee Coatings Pvt. Ltd has developed Energy and Fuel Savings Coatings for the Industrial Ovens , Furnaces, Kilns, Reformers etc.

Espee Coatings Pvt. Ltd has also developed Coating to be applied on the Terrace & the External walls so as to reduced the Energy Consumption of the AC’s and created comfortable environment inside the Offices & Home during the Summer.

Thus both M/S J.S. Mushrooms and Espee Coatings Pvt. Ltd are contributing to the well fare of Mankind.